Praise for our workshops

“Excellent tips! Very informative, all questions were able to be answered” – Benita Dalby, Social Science

“Everything was broken down into simplistic ways to understand it” – Kirrily Smith, Bachelor of Education (Primary)

“Easy language, basic, certain, informality” – Chris, Bach of Psychology

“Very clear. Well structured” – Sharon La Pere, Education

“Bubbly presentation style” – Anon

“Made me want to write an essay! The workshop helped clarify why we are asked to do essays” – Anon, Diploma of Business

“All of the simplicity and breakdown of the info – to the point” – Jeanine Howath, Bach of Indigenous Studies Trauma and Healing

“All of it. Taught me a lot” – Noshin, Psychology 

“Easy, clearly demonstrated” – Anon, Education

“The simplicity of the explanations” – Anon

“Excellent presentation” – Anon

“Learning how to study correctly” – Janine, Diploma of Sport Management

“Analysing the assignment question through to editing” – Mark H, Undergrad

“Bron clearly explained what to do” – Silia Nukin, Bachelor of Nursing

“Very informative” – Anon, Nursing

“Using simple examples. Emphasis on planning and brainstorming” – Violetta, Masters of Applied Linguistics

“Very constructive and learnt new points about writing” – Anon, Nursing

“The presentation was excellent. Content – very informative” – B Mouston, Creative Writing

“Interactive. Simple concepts” – Tres, Psychology

“Personal, small group size, friendly” – Jano, B Soc Science

“Relevant to what I am teaching and backed up most all of what I have been covering. Some very good points made” – Jane, BA Dip Ed, Med

“Clear, concise information” –  Anon

“Practical, helpful, clear” – Isabel Hoch

“New information” – Writer for pleasure

“All of it” – Karen Dent, Nursing 

“She was very colloquial and gave us the necessary facts. She also emphasised the point that we shouldn’t try to be too academic, which made me more comfortable about writing essays” – Anon

“The casual setting, the workshop was very sociable, very easy to discuss the topic at hand” – Russell Bregonis, Bridging Course