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Tutoring packages

Option 1: Plan Research Write Package

This unique tutoring package gives you three one-on-one Skype sessions with Bron Hall, author of The Night Before Essay Planner and High School Essay Planner. 

Rather than weekly tutoring that can drag on and get you nowhere, the Plan Research Write Tutoring Package is focused, dynamic, and based around an essay you have to write. 

Every time we Skype we are specifically working towards a paper you have due. 

The Plan Research Write Package is for university and high school students who want to succeed.  

Session 1: PLAN it (1hr)

Session 2: RESEARCH it (1hr)

Session 3: WRITE it (1hr)

In this session you will:

  • Find out what type of learner you are and find out how to write essays by taking advantage of your learning style.
  • Understand your essay question. It doesn’t matter how well written your essay is, if you haven’t answered the question precisely, you won’t get a good mark.
  • Apply the techniques of brainstorming and grouping ideas.
  • Create a plan of attack (a study timetable) for your essay.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to conduct quality research
  • Immediately apply the techniques you learn and research for your essay during the call
  • Learn about referencing other sources
  • Discuss your topic and what you have learnt so far with Bron
  • Learn how to create an essay outline

In this session you will:

  • Revise your outline with Bron
  • Create an essay structure
  • Write your introduction


  • Email Bron whenever you need a hand with your essay before you submit it with confidence!

ONLY $65  per session*

* All tutoring sessions are conducted using Skype. 

Please Note: Face-to-face tutoring is available for students in Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast. Please contact Bronwyn directly if you are interested in face-to-face tutoring. Spaces are limited and prices vary. Information sheet here

Option 2: Kick it!

Get over any fears, anxieties and issues you have with writing essays. In this session you will spend one hour working exclusively with Bron to identify your concerns and find immediate solutions.