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Your Essay Topic

Bron Hall has worked in tertiary, secondary and vocational education and has a Masters in Anthropology as well as undergraduate degrees in social work and social science; in other words, she has written and marked tonnes of essays. However, this does not make her an expert in the topic or subject matter of your essay. Bron’s job is to help you with the how and why of essay-writing, and your job is to find out and understand what your essay is about (the topic).

Using Skype

It is your responsibility to call Bron on the assigned date and at the right time. If you do not call on time without making prior arrangements you forfeit that session.

Session Times

Sessions are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends. 

Cancellation Policy

  1. No refund. You can cancel and reschedule your appointments, but please advise Bronwyn as early as possible because you may not be able to secure another tutoring session within the timeframe you need. If you are part of a group session, the whole group can reschedule but not individuals within the group.
  2. If you miss a session without rescheduling, you forfeit that session. If you are part of a group and miss a session you forfeit that session.
  3. If you’ve attended a session(s) of the Plan Research Write Tutoring Package but miss the second or third session and we are unable to reschedule before your essay due date, you will be given a tutoring gift voucher for the number of outstanding sessions that you (or your family or friends) can use on a future essay (vouchers are valid for 24 months).  
  4. You can use your tutoring gift voucher toward another complete package. For example, if you attend Session One but don’t complete Sessions Two or Three, you will receive a voucher to the value of $130. You can then use the voucher to complete two sessions at a later date or towards a complete package by paying an additional $65.

Plan Research Write Tutoring Package:

Your Essay

This unique tutoring package is designed to mentor you through an essay you have to write for university or school. You must have a specific essay question for us to work on. It is recommended that the sessions run over a three to four week period so you have enough time between the sessions to apply what you have learnt. As soon as you get your essay question (or if you know you’ll have an essay due on a certain date, but don’t have the question yet) book in to secure your times.  

Length of Each Session

Skype sessions run for 60 minutes per session (face-to-face sessions are up to two hours per session).

Session Cost

  1. Each Skype session is $65
  2. Payment of three sessions is upfront for the whole package. You will be emailed a link to pay through our online store prior to your first session.

Can Two or More Students Skype Conference in Each Session?

If you want to tutor with a friend or a small group of friends who are working on the same essay, the cost is an extra $25 per person per session. For example, if there were two people per session the cost would be $90 per session ($65 + $25), which reduces the cost to $45 per person; if there were three people it would be $115 ($65 + $25 + $25) which reduces the cost even further to $38.33 per person; and so on. Payment is required upfront and the cancellation policy applies.

Kick it!:

Your Issues

Kick it! will tackle the major issues you come up against when writing your essays. There is no issue too small too raise in this hour -- it's all about facing your fears and working with Bron to overcome them so you can begin to write your essays with purpose and confidence. Please think about the types of things you'd like to talk through before your session to get the most out of your time with Bron.

Length of Session

A session runs for 60 minutes.

Session Cost

  1. Each session is $65
  2. Payment is upfront. You will be emailed a link to pay through our online store prior to the session.