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Why get tutoring?

Bron’s goal is to inspire you to write the essays you’re capable of writing, but can’t yet see. She has a natural ability to quickly identify where you’re struggling and give you the tools and strategies to create immediate change. So why get tutoring? Because a session with Bron will change the way you feel about writing essays!

Tutoring Options:

Option One: Plan, Research and Write Tutoring Package 

This unique tutoring package gives you three one-hour one-on-one Skype sessions with Bron Hall, author of The Night Before Essay Planner and High School Essay Planner. 

The Plan, Research and Write Tutoring Package is focused, dynamic, and based around an essay you have to write. Every time we Skype we are specifically working towards a paper you have due.

Option Two: Kick it!

Most of us have one or two on-going issues with essay writing and these issues stop us from performing to our potential and getting the marks we deserve. Do you have trouble understanding referencing? Do your essays come back with comments like: "your essay lacks structure" or "some good points made, but your thesis was unclear"? Do you struggle to start your essays or to reach (or stay within) the assigned word limit? Do you look at the question and think: "what the...?" Do you feel anxious as soon as you sit down to write?

In this single session, you will work with Bron to identify your areas of concern and focus specifically on those one or two things that drive you nuts. Bron will help you understand what and why you struggle and give you the techniques that will allow you to immediately push past these hurdles to succeed.

It can be done. In just one hour you can get over your essay writing fears for good.

Bron is now based in Adelaide, Australia and visits Sydney a number of times each year. If you would like a face-to-face session please contact her using the online booking form. Prices may vary.

In just three sessions you can learn the art of essay writing.

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