Understanding introductions

Let’s think about the same question: “Discuss the influence of celebrity culture on mainstream culture” and consider the introduction (this is a fictional example, so don’t go looking for the sources I quote... I made them up!):

  • Start with a catchy sentence, interesting quote, or relevant anecdote

    “75% of Americans under 35 years of age wish they looked more like their favourite celebrities; .01% of the American population are celebrities” (Mills, 2007). Celebrities have a significant influence over the lives of mainstream (non-celebrity) people.

  • Define any major terms

    “A celebrity can be defined as... Mainstream culture is...”

  • Set a clear direction for the essay

    “This essay will consider how the issues of body image and drug use by celebrities influence non celebrity culture...”

  • Start with more general statements and end with a strong statement on your main point (thesis statement)

    “The influence of celebrities is significant and negative. Celebrity culture has a destructive influence on non celebrity culture.”