Understanding conclusions

A conclusion is important because it:

  • Summarises your main point (theme/thesis statement)
  • Reiterates (in different words) how your evidence supports your main point
  • Leaves the reader with a sense of completion

How do you feel after a great movie or book? Despite a happy or sad ending, a good film leaves you with a sense of completion, satisfaction, and contentment.  And you feel contented because there are few or no unanswered questions and everything that was set-up in the beginning comes together in a compelling ending. 

A conclusion is your opportunity to provide that same sense of completion and satisfaction for the reader of your essay. 

How might we conclude the essay on celebrity culture?

Celebrity culture, that is, the way celebrities live their lives, has a significant influence on non-celebrity or mainstream culture. This essay has shown that the influence is considerable, and also negative. The issues many non-celebrity women face in relation to their body image are directly linked to unrealistic and persuasive messages from celebrities. Slim, tanned and tall are presented as ‘normal’, despite the fact that most people do not naturally possess these traits. This pressure is pushing many women to extreme measures to better their self image and has been linked to increasing rates of anorexia, unsafe surgeries and drug use. It was also argued that the media – who promote unrealistic body images – further the negative influence. Celebrities are in an influential position to affect positive change, but the values and ideals of modern celebrity culture only prove harmful to non-celebrity culture.