Introduction to writing

Most services and websites that offer support on essay-writing focus on the mechanics of writing, and while how-to-write advice is great, when it comes to essay writing, it’s the planning and the research that is most important. 

Of course, it helps to be able to write well and silly typos and errors will lose you marks. But, an essay is an attempt to persuade the reader to believe whatever it is you believe, and therefore, the most important  thing to do in an essay is to plan and research enough so that you actually say something persuasive. 

I have marked too many essays that, although well-written, simply don’t have a point (a clearly defined main theme or thesis statement).  They don’t persuade me or move me. These papers are full of the right stuff –introduction, conclusion, paragraphs with facts, research, ideas, and opinions – but the information is not presented in a cohesive way and by the end of the paper I’m left asking: “What was the point of that essay?”

So, here is the THIRD STRATEGY for putting a great essay together: YOU MUST HAVE A MAIN POINT TO YOUR ESSAY (that’s the thesis statement, if you live in America). It is the single most important aspect of writing your essay. 

Have a look over your old essays and ask “Did I even know what it was I was trying to say here?” And, if you didn’t know, your marker sure wouldn’t have!

A clearly defined main point will help you write. It will help you structure your essay because you will pay attention to how you are presenting the points you want to get across in order to prove whatever it is you want to say. 

If you need help with the mechanics of writing (things like grammar, spelling, or paragraphs), have a look at our Editing Services

Enjoy browsing the information provided in this section and promise yourself that you’ll never write an essay without first stating your thesis again.