Study tip

Timeframe your To Do Lists

Each time you sit down to study or research for your essay, create a to do list using this simple and effective technique:

1. Write down everything you want to accomplish in that session

2. Prioritise the list, that is, identify what you'll do first, second, third etc. Try not to leave your most dreaded tasks until last or you risk never doing them. Give the most painful things you need to do a high priority ranking and get them out of the way

3. Allocate a timelimit to each task. This helps you stay motivated and realistic about what you can pull off in the time that you have.


If you ever find it difficult to think clearly when you write, it may be because you’re unconsciously holding your breath.

When we concentrate intensely we often forget to breathe. This often happens we give a speech … as soon as we stand in front of others, we stop breathing and our mind goes blank.

Take deep breaths regularly as you write. Your brain needs oxygen and deep breathing will help you concentrate.