Library Fines Scholarship


Maggie from Open University Australia for extending her library loans as many times as possible and still forgetting when they were due!

Jennelle from Indiana University South Bend for not only getting fines from her university, but also racking up fines on her daughter's public library card!

Jessica from the University of Canberra who checked out a 3-hour loan during her rush to complete an essay before the end of term ... only to find it in her computer bag after travelling home for the holidays. "And what a lovely fine I clocked up over the semester break" she said. Oh Jessica, we all feel for you.

Got a story of your own? Submissions are now open for Library Fines Scholarships.

Sure, this scholarship won’t pay off your student loans debt, but it could bring some financial relief at a time when you need it most. And here’s why:

Most libraries ban borrowing once members fines reach approximately $25 and universities withhold official transcripts, even graduation, if your fines exceed this amount. While I understand and respect the need for libraries to enforce such rules, every year hundreds of people get a letter in the mail explaining that they have completed the work to be awarded their degree (the establishment deems them smart enough), but because they didn't return a few books on time, the university will withhold their degree until they clean up their debts and pay the outstanding fine. It happened to me.

So, my gift to distressed fine-owers everywhere is the Library Fines Scholarship.

You can apply anytime and the five lucky winners (eh-em, the scholarship recipients) each semester will receive a scholarship to the value of $25 AUD.

To be in the running, complete the application below.

Scholarship application
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