Introduction to researching

There’s no doubt about it, quality research is the backbone of your essay. Our SECOND STRATEGY for writing a great essay is best articulated by none other than the great Thomas Edison, who reminded us that: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Yes, our second strategy is: work hard. No matter how smart you are or how skilled you may be at trying to escape it, essay-writing takes time and effort. 

Nonetheless, there are some clever ways you can go about conducting your research that will save you time, effort and stress. Basically, the faster you are at accessing quality resources, the faster you’ll be able to come up with something to say (your thesis statement or main point) and the better your essay will be.

Researching your essay involves visiting the library, ideally more than once, to sharpen your essay’s focus (try it! It’s not as lame a place as it sounds). Of course, you can do your searching on the Internet and that’s fine, just make sure you use reputable sources. Your essay is only as good as the sources you draw on.

Use the information in the section to learn how to become a first-rate researcher.