Introduction to planning

When you actually sit down to do some work towards your essay, you probably look at your topic , quickly realise how little you know about it, glance over the marking criteria (how can it possibly be two pages long?) , walk out of your study and sit back in front of the TV. 

Knowing how to start your essay is the FIRST STRATEGY we’ll help you with and this strategy is all about planning.  You have to plan what you’re going to talk about in your paper and, importantly, you have to plan when you are going to make time to figure it out. 

PLANNING SAVES YOU TIME AND STRESS. If you plan, you’ll know what you’re trying to say in your essay so even if you’re running short of time, you’ll have something substantial to write about.  

Use this section to help you plan your essay. The YouTube videos have been carefully selected, only take a few minutes to watch, and will give you EXACTLY what you need to know to get organised and to get started with ease.