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High School Essay Planner

Most of us will admit that we don’t like writing essays – but not many of us will admit that the reason we don’t like writing them is because we  get stuck every time we try to write and don’t really know what we are suppose to do.

The High School Essay Planner is a workbook that will help you organise and write your next essay, in any subject, even if it’s due tomorrow. Following three easy steps, this book will walk you through your essay from beginning to end, by providing a clear starting point and the structure you need to:


To begin an essay you need to plan your time, understand your question and start thinking about what you want to research. This section will get you focused and organised. The earlier you start planning, the better your final essay will be.   


This section will help you face the library, make sense of what you read, and learn how to take notes without plagiarising. This section is also a filing system where you can keep your notes and attach photocopies of the sources you read in one easy-to-find location.    


This is where it all comes together. Here you develop your argument, create a structure and write the first draft of your essay. It includes tips on writing and editing and also provides a guide to referencing. 

What Others are Saying

I have your essay writing guide, it's brilliant. Dave, Year 12

I am really impresses with this book. I highly recommend it for all students who want to ensure writing success: from those struggling with essay writing, right up to highly competent students who are looking for "an edge" in their writing. This is a comprehensive book that covers each aspect of the essay writing process and provides a step by step, easy to follow guide, from identifying what the question is actually asking, to producing a high quality finished product. 

Robert Ainsworth, Head Teacher English


Exam essays were always a panic for me. The tips and help from the High School Essay Planner would have reduced my stress levels and no doubt made reading my essays much more enjoyable for the teachers!

Jenny Lyle, Membership Manager, The Co-op Bookshop


The High School Essay Planner supports what English teachers do in teaching essay writing and gives extra tips on methods of research and using your time wisely.  It should help you improve your essay writing ability across all subjects.

Lin Wood, Head Teacher English