About us

Established by Bron Hall, The Research Den – yes that is the view from our Australian office – is an online educational support service. Our entire focus is on essay writing (but you could probably twist our arm if you need help with reports or evaluations or grant applications ... okay, with just about any format of writing). 

The Research Den is an international service that aims to become the world’s leading provider of quality essay-writing teaching strategies and student support. 

Our vision

To demystify academia, specifically the essay, so students can write with confidence and teachers can have their weekends back.

Here’s what we believe

Every person learns in their own space and time

Some of us plan, and some of us cram

There is more to life than essay writing

Happy hour is a good example

Every student is allowed to be ambitious
We know how unreal it feels to get a distinction & how much it sucks to fail

Writing a good essay is a learned skill

Everybody has to learn the rules

We can help you learn how to do it
And be damn good at it

Here’s what we know

For too many of us, essay writing is a stressful experience. That stress, however, doesn’t automatically translate into us spending our free-time writing practice essays on Nietzsche. 

Rather than create another educational service based on the assumption that we are lining up to learn how to write better essays then, the Research Den was developed in the knowledge that most of us want to do well, but don’t have the time or inclination to spend our college days figuring out how. 

Here’s what we do about it

We tell you straight-up about the most effective (the quickest and best) ways to plan, research and write your essays. 

At the Research Den there are no time-wasting practice exercises or long-winded essay explanations that’ll make you yawn ... well, you’re probably yawning now because you saw the word yawn, but that’s your mirror neurons making you yawn, not us! 

We have a soft spot for the night life and relaxing on the beach and these pastimes motivate us to provide you with the resources and services you need to write quality essays in a flash, so you too can spend more time doing what you love. 

On top of that, we actually give a damn about you and your grades. We make sure you understand what on earth it is you’re trying to write. And, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get though your education without rocking in a corner and eating chocolate for breakfast every time you have an essay due.

We work harder so you can work smarter. 

Consultancy research

Bron works as a consultant for community organisations, government sectors and private businesses, with a particular focus on community development and education. Consultancy projects range from large-scale qualitative and quantitative research design and analysis to producing specific reports and policy recommendations. If you are looking for a consultant to assist you in your research, writing and/or editing, you can read more about Bron or contact her directly.  

Donations and sponsorships

The Research Den has adopted an orang-utan! Ugo Blanco’s mother died giving birth to him and he was taken to an orangutan care centre at just four days old. His mother had previously been captured, but was saved and released back into the wild. Palm oil plantations and other environmental disasters are threatening the survival of the orang-utan in the wild. Visit www.orangutan.org.au to learn more. Educating ourselves is the key to their survival.

The Research Den teamed up with a bunch of international organisations to open the first Students Library Project -- a concept where expat students from international high schools open a library in a local school in the country they are living in. Visit www.studentslibraryproject.com